Jay Bruce turns tables on Brewers by turning double play

David Brown
Big League Stew

Carlos Gomez of the Milwaukee Brewers usually plays the role of thief, taking away hits and even home runs from the likes of Cincinnati Reds slugger Joey Votto, and others. Other than trying to hit the ball farther, there's nothing Gomez's victims can do but tip their respective caps.

Still, it's possible that Votto got a charge out of the play teammate Jay Bruce made Sunday afternoon against the Brewers. Bruce didn't take a home run away from Aramis Ramirez with a running catch in the gap in the bottom of the fourth inning, but he was able to make two outs in one play by turning and firing an impressive thow to Votto at first base to double off Gomez. That's, like, 99 percent coincidence but 1 percent irony because Gomez was involved, right?

Regardless, it looked like the play that Jackie Bradley made for the Red Sox the other day. Not the brute force or accuracy of the recent Yoenis Cespedes activity, but another tremendous athletic act.

The Reds led by three runs at the time and, though the Brewers later tied the score, Cincy won going away 13-4. The Reds took two of three games at Miller Park and Votto got just a smidge of pleasure, perhaps, seeing someone disappoint Carlos Gomez for once.

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