Jason Kipnis sings Adele as we all listen in


MLB Network went ahead with its "live game audio" contest on Wednesday and the results were pretty stellar. If you watched the Cleveland Indians take on the Arizona Diamondbacks, you got to hear infield chatter and dugout conversations as they happened, as well as a host of other sounds that boosted the experience. Players huffed and puffed as they rounded second, outfielders called each other off fly balls and umpires spit onto the ground below. It really was great.

MLB Network even got its own water cooler moment as the microphone placed on Cleveland's Jason Kipnis caught the second baseman as he sang Adele's hit song "Someone Like You."

Maybe it wasn't as good as fake Doug Melvin using Adele to pine for Prince Fielder, but it was still pretty entertaining. Kipnis later went on Twitter to claim his performance was authentic and not just an attempt to get some extra airtime.

the mic had nothing to do with it... I sing all the time!! It keeps me relaxed when Im on the field #andentertained

It's nice to hear Kipnis having fun out there, just as it was fun to hear all the sounds we don't normally get to enjoy during a broadcast. Here's hoping MLB Network takes the same approach sometime soon. (A clip of the best moments can be found below.)

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