Jason Giambi's mustache defends Yankee Stadium's honor

Who needs a $250 million ballplayer when you can have a hastily-grown mustache keeping your slim playoff hopes alive?

To wit, the box score from the Yankees 3-2 come-from-behind, sweep-avoiding win against the Red Sox this afternoon:

Alex Rodriguez — 0-4, 3 strikeouts, plenty of boos from Stadium crowd

Jason Giambi's 'stache — 2-2, HR, 3 RBI, plenty of cheers and marriage proposals from both men and women

Need any more evidence?

In the short-term view, Giambi's pinch-hit appearance against Hideki Okajima, which resulted in a game-tying two-run blast, and then his RBI single in the bottom of the ninth, ensured that the Red Sox will leave their last regular season game at Yankee Stadium as losers.

In the long term view, I'm throwing out the idea that Giambi's decision to grow his mustache back will be the '08 Yankees equivalent as Dave Roberts' steal in the '04 ALCS. (Discuss.)

And yes, I realize that's a picture of one of the previous incarnations of the 'stache, so for a better look at its sheer power and might, follow the jump for a picture from today's game.

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