Japanese baseball fans stage run on Ichiro’s old Seattle Mariners jersey

Kevin Kaduk
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The sale rack is the normal destination for replica jerseys when an athlete leaves a team via trade or free agency.

But as we've come to learn over the past 12 seasons, Ichiro is far from just any athlete. Since being dealt from the Mariners to the Yankees on Monday, sales of the star's old Mariners jersey have reportedly risen to 15 times their usual numbers in his home country of Japan.

From the Wall Street Journal:

A rush of orders for Ichiro's Mariners goods were placed in quick succession after the abrupt announcement he had been traded from the Seattle Mariners for whom he had played for 11 years. Selection International, a Shinjuku-based store that specializes in U.S. sporting goods, wiped out of Ichiro jerseys within five hours of the trade announcement, according to the shop's mail-order organizer Yu Hatakeyama. Still, the specialty store said they don't intend to raise prices on Mariners items even though they've got demand on their side.

According to the WSJ, sales of Ichiro's jerseys in Japan had recently dipped behind those of Texas Rangers rookie Yu Darvish. But the newest Yankee could retake the throne this year now that fans of Japan's national hero have a new kit to purchase.

By the way, those No. 31 Yankee shirts are being printed as you read this.

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