Jamie Moyer and Chris Cooper: Separated at birth?

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Before any of you angrily say that these two look nothing alike, let it be noted that a simple Internet search shows I'm far from the first person to make this connection. Jamie Moyer and actor Chris Cooper may not be identical twins, but the resemblance is building as Moyer approaches his 50th birthday later this year. Clearly it's just a matter of time before the Colorado Rockies pitcher is engaging in maniacal laughter.

As for Moyer's chances of making the Rockies this spring after signing a minor-league deal with the team, the 49-year-old pitcher remains optimistic after appearing in an intersquad game on Friday. Though he hasn't recovered from Tommy John surgery enough to throw his cut fastball yet, Moyer threw 42 pitches (27 for strikes) while giving up one run in two innings.

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