James Taylor flubs national anthem at World Series, sings the wrong song

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Good news, Boston Red Sox. You didn't make the biggest goof at Fenway Park on Thursday night.

Sure, that two-for-one error combo in the seventh inning in Game 2 of the World Series gave the St. Louis Cardinals the win they needed to even the series at one. But, Red Sox, at least you didn't get invited to sing to the national anthem in your hometown only to sing the wrong song.

That's what happened to famous singer James Taylor. Taylor, a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee, took the field during the pregame ceremony. When it was his turn to sing, he flubbed and started "America The Beautiful" instead of "The Star-Spangled Banner." Taylor corrected himself quickly and began the correct song, but plenty of people still noticed.

There's a good reason for the gaffe, though. Taylor was also scheduled to sing "America the Beautiful" during the seventh-inning stretch with survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing joining him on the field. That went off with no problems. People loved it, in fact.

Perhaps Taylor can be invited back for redemption. He could sing Fenway fave "Sweet Caroline." As long as he doesn't confuse two songs again and start singing "Sweet Child of Caroline."

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