Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts sings ‘Take Me Out To The Ballgame’ at Turner Field (Video)

Winning over professional wrestling fans in the 1980s and early 90s was never a problem for Jake “The Snake” Roberts (real name: Aurelian Smith Jr.). In fact, he was a master at controlling their emotions and getting the exact reaction he desired every time he performed.

Unfortunately, he was dealing with a little tougher crowd on Friday night when he performed “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” during the Braves-Dodgers game at Turner Field.

No, those weren’t D-D-T chants (Jake’s famous finishing move throughout his 30-year career) ringing through the stadium as he become accustomed to hearing. That was more of a mixed reaction, as in a mix of boos and what the 'blank' is going on out here.

It was a shaky performance, undoubtedly, but not nearly the worst seventh inning stretch we've seen over the years. And besides, Vince McMcMahon never paid him to sing, and the 93,000 fans who showed up at Wrestlemania 3 in Pontiac, Mich certainly didn‘t pay to hear him sing (that's why Alice Cooper was in his corner). He was a wrestler, and for a ten year stretch during wrestling’s golden era there were few capable of performing at a higher level.

Putting the singing aside and his wrestling success aside, though, it’s really just great to see Jake Roberts healthy and apparently very happy after a long battle with drug and alcohol addiction. As you can see in the before and after photo below, he’s made quite a transformation over the past nine months after moving in with another wrestling legend, “Diamond” Dallas Page, and beginning his DDP Yoga program.

According to the now 57-year-old Roberts, he’s 180 days sober (and around 60 pounds lighter). He currently has plans to take on Hollywood and even make a return to the ring in the next year.

We certainly wish him well in those endeavors and hope his improved health continues.

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