Jake Peavy won't pitch Monday after cutting finger in fishing knife accident

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It's a good thing the Boston Red Sox train in Fort Myers, Fla., and not someplace where it's hunting season. There's no telling what Jake Peavy might have done to himself Saturday if he were field dressing a moose instead of using fishing equipment.

Peavy won't make his Grapefruit League debut Monday as scheduled because he cut his left index finger — almost all of the way through — with a fishing knife. It's also a good thing Peavy is a righty.

Red Sox manager John Farrell said via ESPN Boston that Peavy, after having the wound cleaned, won't throw for three days before starting up again. Right-hander Brandon Workman will start in Peavy's place against the Pirates on Monday. Said Farrell:

"This was a freak one. And honestly, he avoided some serious injury with what took place. He cut himself with a fishing knife. He was at home when it took place, he was trying to cut through something and when it gave way, almost cut through his left index finger."

That's no way to work on a cutter. As the dad from "A Christmas Story" would say, "Nottafinga!" It's the second finger injury sustained by Peavy this spring; His right ring finger was hit by a ball early in camp, an injury which has delayed his spring development.

Once he returns, it's possible Peavy's finger might get padded, considering it's his glove side.

So the truth of what happened doesn't sound much like The Stew's pretend "recreation" of Peavy hurting his finger riding a duck boat during Boston's World Series victory parade this past October, as pictured above. Still, it very well could have happened that way, with Peavy being the outdoorsman he is — always handing knives, wearing camo, making his own beef jerky, probably.

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