Jake Peavy now owns a duck boat from the Red Sox championship parade

Part of the reason Boston Duck Tours started lending boats to all four Boston area sports team to use during championship parades was the good advertisement it gave the company. However, never before has a rolling rally, as they are called in Boston, led directly to a purchase of one of the boats.

That was, until Saturday.

Impulse buys? That's how Jake Peavy rolls. As you may recall, he also shelled out a few bucks to buy a cigar-store statue in San Francisco this season, and that soon became a fixture in the Red Sox clubhouse. In fact, the statue was spotted riding along with Peavy and Jon Lester during Saturday's parade.

Here is Peavy's thoughts process behind the statue purchase, as recalled by MassLive.

"I took a few more steps, and I kind of looked back and he was still looking at me," Peavy said. "And he said, 'Am I not one of the boys? Look at me, I'm your people.' I said, 'You know what, you are one of the boys.' I did a U-turn and I went in and asked how much he cost. There was no price tag on him. I told the guy there was a price tag on everything in life."

One would have to assume those same thoughts went through his mind leading up to the duck boat purchase. After all, most of them had beards. They were, in his mind, just one of the boys, and he couldn't leave Fenway Park without one. So he didn't.

As MassLive notes, Peavy won't have much anonymity when he's on the road and in the water, but you'll have a difficult time wiping that big grin off his face when he is. He really doesn't care. He's just Jake Peavy, World Series champion and duck boat owner.

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