Jake Peavy gives yet another meaning to 'filthy'

Thanks to the wonders of hi-def and TiVo (as well as a perceptive reader over at The Big Lead), please meet our first "blogs meet baseball" moment of the season: The picture to the right is of Jake Peavy's right hand during Saturday's game against the Dodgers and doesn't it suspiciously look like Peavy is channeling his inner Kenny Rogers? The last time I saw a hand that dirty I was buying a hot dog from a New York street vendor.

Of course, looking to cleanse the controversy before it even started, Peavy had a Sunday explanation for why his hand looked like it belonged to the oil change guy who tries to sell you fuel additives and air filters you don't need.

Peavy, from the San Diego Union-Tribune:

"Anybody that wants to check me, feel free. There's nothing on my hands that's not supposed to be. I thought it was funny that it was such a big deal. I've got no problems with anytime anybody needs to check me.

"I can't imagine my hands being that dirty. That being said, you're hand doesn't look clean when you're out there. Obviously I pick up rosin, pick up dirt, I do hit."

Whether or not Peavy was/is up to no good is ultimately up for Major League Baseball (as well as each individual fan) to decide. In his defense, that "substance" looks a lot less greasy, oily or slick than what Rogers had on his hands during the 2006 World Series.

Then again, Peavy's numbers to start the season — 2-0, 16 IP, 5 hits, 1 run, 12 Ks — are about as good as good gets. Maybe it's possible he's taking a page from the Gospel of Gaylord? (Bugs & Cranks thinks he might be.)

What do you think?

(UPDATE: Turns out Dodger Blues had this first.)

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