Jacoby Ellsbury thanks Red Sox fans with full page ad in Boston Globe

Within minutes of being introduced by the New York Yankees on Friday, Jacoby Ellsbury already had a pretty good idea of what life in New York will be like over the next seven years. From Robinson Cano’s disrespect gripe getting extensive play at his press conference, to team president Randy Levine’s possible tampering violation when mentioning Mike Trout, the media circus surrounding the Yankees was in full swing in the middle of December.

Was it wild enough to make him regret leaving Boston behind for greener pastures, though? No, probably not. Mainly because Ellsbury had already given closure to his relationship with the city and the fans there on Friday morning in a heartfelt, full page ad published in the Boston Globe.

Translating the small print.

“Red Sox Nation. Two World Championships and seven great years of memories. To the fans of New England. Teammates and the many friendships made. Thank you! Jacoby”

Full page thank you ads have become such a common occurrence these days that it's almost a surprise when we don't see one. Still, that doesn't make the gesture any less refreshing to see.

Besides that, it's always going to be noteworthy when it involves a high profile player leaving the team he grew up with and won championships with for their biggest rival. That creates a highly emotional situation that not all fans want or care to understand, so they simply lash out. While Ellsbury understands that part of it and knows the reception he's likely to receive in his return won't be pleasant, he still felt it was worthwhile to say thank you. That's highly commendable.

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