Jack White gets into the spirit at Wrigley

David Brown
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It might take a Seven Nation Army to make rock 'n' roll artist Jack White smile at a Chicago Cubs game. White put on his best Marla Hooch face Tuesday night while attending the Cubs 6-0 victory against the San Diego Padres at Wrigley Field.

White has been in town to play at the Chicago Theatre and elsewhere, but with the night off he made sure to hit Wrigley while wearing an awesome-if-ratty old Cubs jersey from, it had to be, 1984. White is from Detroit and lives in Nashville, so he's presumably partial to the Detroit Tigers and Class AAA Nashville Sounds, but he knows a good thing when he sees one.

So does @nick_pants of Twitter, who captured the best stills of White enjoying (?) Anthony Rizzo hitting two homers for the home team!


It's almost as if White knows we're watching him, so he makes these Johnny Depp faces.

CSN Chicago also has video. If you watch very closely at the beginning, you can see White crack a smile. Later, broadcasters Len Kasper and Jim Deshaies refer to "It Might Get Loud," a fine documentary featuring White that can be seen on Netflix and elsewhere:

Man, that jersey is as old as White is. White attended the Cardinals game in St. Louis the day before, but clearly it wasn't as big of a deal to him.

White, if you recall, also was spotted by The Stew's Kevin Kaduk at the World Series in 2012. They chatted briefly:

But forget about White ever yowling out a memorable rendition of the National Anthem. Fox TV star Zooey Deschanel is handling the duties for Game 3 and Motown legend Aretha Franklin is scheduled for Game 5. Not that White would have volunteered.

"I'm not a singer, I'm a vocalist," White said. "There's a difference."

YEAH, Kevin. Of course, White's appearance at the Cubs game sparked a meme session on Twitter, juxtaposing his smiling mug in many different graphical settings:





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