J.R. Watkins, maker of Carlos Beltran’s pain reliever, gives Cardinals free liniment for life

When St. Louis Cardinals star Carlos Beltran hurt his ribs in Game 1 of the World Series, then fixed himself up to play in Game 2, one of his remedies was J.R. Watkins Pain Relieving Liniment. It's a natural liquid made from capsicum and camphor that stimulates nerves in the body.

Now J.R. Watkins, which has been selling that pain reliever since 1868, is joining the Cardinals' World Series push. Seeing how its product helped Beltran, J.R. Watkins is offering to give every Cardinals player on the postseason roster a free supply of its pain-relieving liniment for life.

Enjoy, Cardinals. It's your Oprah moment. Michael Wacha gets liniment. Adam Wainwright get liniment. Even Pete Kozma gets liniment. The Cards are still hoping everybody gets a World Series ring, but there's some work to do before that happens.

"If Beltran were to thank us in his MVP acceptance speech, let's just say we wouldn't mind," says J.R. Rigley, president and chief marketing officer for Watkins Inc. "But, if Allen Craig is able to work his way back to 100% with the help of our Rejuvenating Foot Cream, we'll take that credit."

J.R. Watkins says it'll give the players four bottles per year (they cost $12.99 each), but would work with with players if they need more. The company is now committed for the long haul with these young Cardinals. As you know, they've got 10 players who are 25 or younger.

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