A.J. Pierzynski hit by pitch in first at-bat against Chicago White Sox

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Oh, to be a fly on the wall in order to hear what A.J. Pierzynski says after he gets hit by a pitch. (Hey, do flies even listen?) Pierzynski sure seemed animated and agitated on his way to first base Wednesday night after getting hit on the right elbow in his first post-Chicago White Sox plate appearance with the Texas Rangers.


Pierzynski has been banged-up — he missed the first game of the series — and was limited to a pinch-hit at-bat in the ninth inning. After getting ahead with strike one, White Sox closer Addison Reed plunked Pierzynski on his heavily padded elbow. Pierzynski took his base, but seemed to be spitting fire on the way over there, giving Reed the A.J. Death Stare the entire way. Reed appeared to ignore him (which, of course, is the first key to defeating Pierzynski's pro wrestling-like tactics).

Paul Konerko met Pierzynski at first base. They talked about the good old days, like winning the 2005 World Series. Or not. Konerko told reporter Dan Hayes of CSN Chicago:

"I’m just glad it didn’t hurt him. I think he’s all right. I don’t know. He gave me some good material down at first base.”


Asked what Pierzynski said, Konerko declined to offer many details.

“He gave me some laughs, but I can’t repeat any of it,” Konerko said.

Not for a family show. The White Sox said it wasn't on purpose and Pierzynski said he believes them before adding:

“I have to believe (them). What else is am I supposed to believe? That’s not the way you’re supposed to play the game and it’s fine. It’s over.”

Except it's never, ever over with A.J.

Reed didn't let the Rangers score, finishing a 5-2 victory with a save. Reed says he understands why Pierzynski might have been angry — nobody likes to get hit with a pitch. Again, that's exactly what you're supposed to say about Pierzynski. Placate with platitudes. Don't step up the war of words. If you get caught up in his act, that's when he steals first base on a check swing, or hits you on the back with a folding chair.

Also, check out Reed's hair:

Definitely something to keep an eye on. Just like with Pierzynski.

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