J.J. Putz spikes pitch after being startled by ill-timed sound mix up

Arizona Diamondbacks reliever J.J. Putz was simply going about his business on Saturday night when a mix up in the sound booth at Chase Field nearly spooked him out of his uniform.

It happened in the ninth inning with Putz about to deliver a pitch to Justin Turner of the New York Mets. At the very split second Putz was about to release and follow through, the opening strains of Motley Crue's "Kickstart My Heart" suddenly blared over the PA system. This startled Putz into delivering a near Rob Gronkowski level of thunderous baseball spike into the dirt around the pitcher's mound.

Here's another look courtesy of Vine.

Thankfully, we can laugh about the incident seeing as Putz didn't injure himself in all the awkwardness. That actually could have been an ugly scene, especially for a guy coming off eight solid weeks on the DL with elbow troubles. By the same token, Turner may have been lucky the music didn't hit a split second sooner. Rather than Putz spiking the ball directly into the ground, it may have ended up flying loose at his melon.

Hey, timing is everything, and it certainly didn't throw Turner's focus off as he doubled on the very next offering.

As for the cause of all this. Yes, I'm looking at you, Mr. Chase Field sound guy. To your credit, you did immediately take responsibility for your mishap, but come on, man! You can't startle your own players like that, and especially not a pitcher with Putz's injury history. Keep that itchy finger away from the button, or else the Diamondbacks may be forced to call on that young, hot shot sound guy down in Triple-A.

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