A.J. Burnett hilariously butchers teammate Pedro Alvarez’s name on Twitter — again and again

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

A.J. Burnett has mastered spelling Pedro Alvarez's name like he's mastered rosin bags, which is to say not very well.

The Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher, eager to stick up for his slugging teammate who was snubbed from the NL Home Run Derby team, had quite the hilarious Twitter adventure trying to spell Alvarez's name correctly. You gotta love Burnett's persistence, though.

As many of his nearly 35,000 followers likely noted, that's not how you spell Pedro Alvarez. So A.J. revised:

Sure, blame autocorrect. That's what they all say.

Still no.

And El Toro it is!

I suppose it's a good thing that Burnett didn't try to follow that with a rant about why Alvarez is a better choice than Michael Cuddyer for the NL Home Run Derby squad (which he is).

Probably would have taken six tries to get Kuddyer Cudier Cudyer Cudyder Cudyier Cuddyer right.

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