Introducing MLB’s Boyz II Men cardigan sweater collection

David Brown
Big League Stew

Honey, bring me a fresh sweater and my best tobacco pipe — baseball season is starting.

Mitchell & Ness of Philadelphia, when it partners with the Cooperstown Collection, sells some of the best baseball clothing on the market. Authentic retro jerseys. The sharpest caps. Creative T-shirts.

And now, they've created baseball sweaters for the Old Hoss Radbourn/Boyz II Men demographic. These sweaters, called Shortstop Cardigans, come in Red Sox, Tigers, Dodgers, Giants and Phillies colors. That's Jimmy Rollins (shortstop of the Philadelphia Phillies) modeling the Fightins model. All Jimmy needs to do is add a fade haircut and he becomes the fifth Boy II Man!

Motownphilly back again, doin' a little East Coast swing.

They all run a cool $100, so if your personal finances aren't too recessed, you know what you need to do.

What's neat about these sweaters — you don't have to be Fred MacMurray from "My Three Sons" or Kadeem Hardison from "A Different World" or even a modern hipster to wear them. The jackets that baseball players used to wear on the field looked a lot like these cardigans. Can't you imagine Ty Cobb wearing that Tigers sweater? I bet you he'd trade you his for the Mitchell and Ness version.

Prince Fielder had better be photographed wearing one before the season's over, or we as a nation of paparazzi have failed.

Hey, it's time to celebrate your purchase with a little music: Maestro?!

The regular season is here!
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