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Tampa Bay Rays slugger Evan Longoria appears on the home page for SKLZ, a company that makes athletic training equipment, in what Rays Index says appears to be a new marketing partnership. He's also done a series of videos you can watch on YouTube and one of the more engaging ones is about what happens in the on-deck circle.

Most of the preparation for the at-bat is over by the time a batter gets on deck. But it's still a place to maintain a routine, take stock of the game situation, check the stands for the status of family and friends, clear one's head and do some quick meditation before heading to the batter's box.

"It's kind of an escape," Longoria said. "It's a place to clear my mind and get ready to go the plate. It's a place to try and get as relaxed as I can, to realize that all of my work is done and to go up there and have fun."

For younger players who don't have access to video or scouting like major leaguers do, on deck can be a place to watch the pitcher and watch how the batter in front of you reacts to him or her. 

"You can probably start to understand how he's going to pitch you based on how he does against your teammates," Longoria said.

Other videos include different parts of training — some are baseball-specific and some are exercise-related — and they're worth watching if you're a young player or a Rays fan who likes anything Longoria.

"30 Ways to Hitting with Confidence" sounds like the next video to watch.


Ah, but the Journey video that's next on the play list sounds so tempting...

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