Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer responds to his critics … in a rap song

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Well, well, well, this week's Trevor Bauer saga just got a lot more interesting ... and rhymey.

Making the rounds is a new song from Bauer's rap group, Consummate 4Sight called "You Don't Know Me," which has some sharply worded rhymes when you consider Bauer's turmoil with ex-teammate Miguel Montero.

Montero said earlier this week that Bauer, among other things, didn't listen to Montero when he was his catcher with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Bauer has since been traded to the Cleveland Indians. Which leads us to this song ...

"You Don't Know Me" was posted online on Wednesday. But's Jordan Bastian reports that Bauer recorded the song in December, which is when he was traded.

Bauer, in not exactly the cleanest of flows, says things such as:

"Its time to get back to all these fans that I’ve been losing due in part to the rumors moving about that that I refuse to listen / So people get this vision of me, no one goes up hitting for me / I swear I’ve never been gifted nothing."

"Now I'm the bane of society, I'm the villain / millions judge me, even quicker than winning a boxing match by killing / and most of its unjustly given."

The "I refuse to listen" reference is most interesting, because that's exactly what Montero's criticism has been boiled down to and splashed across headlines all week.

So is it just a coincidence that Bauer rapped about that two months ago? Is he lying? Or did Montero already say this to him privately? It doesn't matter all that much. But you can bet it's no coincidence this song dropped when it did.

Later in the song, Bauer makes it clear this is in response to something. Maybe the criticism levied his way after the trade? This also brings patient listeners to Bauer's most "clever" simile:

"This is tit-for-tat, give me a break like Kit Kat."

Yes, America, just give Trevor Bauer a break. Like Kit Kat. OK, let's not dwell too much on the kid's lack of lyricism. We shouldn't expect Action Bronson-level rhymes from a major leaguer who raps for fun.

This new song has, however, gotten many listens than any of Bauer's previous -- let's be nice here and say not-so-wonderful -- rap songs.

If Bauer wanted to boost his rap career with some "beef" (which is the way to do it, ask 50 Cent), he's certainly done that. If he really wanted to blow this thing up, Bauer do an all-Cleveland remix with MGK and Bone Thugs 'N' Harmony.

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As more people within baseball have heard Trevor spit his rhymes, the jokes/reviews are rolling in. Here are a couple that amused:

Allow me to echo Brett Anderson here. I hope we'll see more rap battles too. MLB Network, might I suggest "The Next Rhyme Slinger" reality TV show, where pitchers try to rap.

BLS H/N: Waiting for Next Year.

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