Indians manager Terry Francona and Red Sox announcer Don Orsillo engage in playful wrestling match (Video)

Poor Don Orsillo. All he wanted to do was get a word with former Red Sox skipper Terry Francona, who now holds the same position with the Cleveland Indians, prior to the their game at Fenway Park on Friday night. Unfortunately, it didn't quite go as planned, because Francona decided to go all "hockey enforcer" on the NESN play-by-play broadcaster.

What followed was a pretty one-sided wrestling match in the visitor's dugout that may have necessitated a wardrobe change and makeup touch up for Orsillo.

He did not fare well — at all. And we have his NESN colleague, Jenny Dell, to thank for the entertaining footage.

As legendary wrestling manager and commentator Bobby "The Brain" Heenan might say, "Francona's got him by the tongue!"

To which his partner Gorilla Monsoon would then reply, "That's his tie, you idiot."

Fun stuff, and Francona's "Come back here you big baby" at the end makes it complete.

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