Indians fans start movement to remove Chief Wahoo logo from team’s uniforms

The controversy surrounding the Cleveland Indians use of the Chief Wahoo logo and a push to eliminate it from their uniforms has been regaining steam recently. In fact, just under three weeks ago the Cleveland Plain-Dealer published an editorial column lamenting the Indians to ditch their current logo because it's perceived by many as a "racially insensitive stereotype of Native Americans."

Now we're witnessing the emergence of a social media movement that's sending the same message just as loud and just as clear: "Remove Chief Wahoo from the Indians uniforms once and for all."

You can find the group on Twitter @DeChiefWahoo and you can engage in their movement through #DeChiefWahoo.

What you'll find are a group fans collectively voicing their displeasure with the logo by creatively removing, covering or altering Chief Wahoo on their Indians merchandise, and then posting photos online.

For example:

It's a strong collective message, though naturally the movement has its share of detractors as well.

A segment of fans, perhaps a majority of them, simply don't view Chief Wahoo as a slap in the face and have tired of the conversation. It's certainly their right to feel that way, but one can't discount the DeChiefWahoo movement either. These folks are determined to be heard. Typically, we'll see the push come on strong during spring training and as the new season approaches it fades to the background, but these fans will give it staying power by providing a forum to keep the conversation fresh and moving.

Whether it will pick up additional steam as the year rolls along and eventually catches the undivided attention of the Indians organization is yet to be seen, but every movement has to start somewhere and then sustain. If the group is as determined to see it through as they appear to be, people will pay attention and their voice will be heard.

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