Indians fans dress in red face during AL wild card game

Big League Stew

Cleveland fans were excited for Wednesday's AL wild card game. They waved towels and cheered and wore their best Indians gear. You know, the usual.

A few Indians fans, however, went there — they dressed in red face, aiming to look like Chief Wahoo himself. Eeek. Native American mascots in sports have been a sticky subject lately, with the NFL's Washington Redskins being the most wrapped up in the controversy.

But TBS giving these Indians fans airtime Wednesday might turn some attention back toward Cleveland. Unless, of course, these guys use the excuse that they were actually dressing up like Ohio's other famous red face, John Boehner.Turns out this isn't just a postseason thing. Here's a shot of a red-faced fan at the Indians first home game of the season in April. Equally classy.

Good news, Indians fan with the two-foot hat, you weren't the worst-dressed person at Wednesday's game.

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