Incoming! Foul ball produces big beer blast

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

Well, this great photo certainly gives a new meaning to the term "Budweiser bomber."

The accurate aerial attack on an unlucky Cubs fan's alcohol took place in the sixth inning of Chicago's 2-1 loss to the Washington Nationals on Thursday. With a Stephen Strasburg pitch bearing in on his hands, Cubs third baseman Ian Stewart managed to pop a foul behind the third-base dugout. The ball then somehow landed square in the beer cup of a fan who was vying for the souvenir, producing an Old Faithful-type geyser blast.

The supersized spray not only delighted the Wrigley Field crowd — surely it must have been visible from many sections away — but it also produced a great picture and some good video that was caught by WGN's cameras. Check out the footage below.

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