Ill. Gov.'s arrest, old-school bribery charges entangle Cubs sale

The feds arrested Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich on Tuesday morning, allegedly for trying to sell the state's open U.S. Senate seat (Barack Obama doesn't need it anymore) and other crimes.

Further, the Chicago Tribune reports in an awkward pdf. file that Blago's rap sheet of allegedly "staggering" inappropriate actions are all over the Tribune Co.'s attempt to sell the Chicago Cubs.

In short, G-Men say that intercepted phone calls allegedly show that Illinois' embattled governor directed his chief of staff to tell interim Cubs owner Sam Zell that the state would not help him avoid $100 million in capital gains taxes unless he fired certain Tribune Co. board members who have been critical to Blagojevich in editorials in the Trib.

What kind of Cubs fan does Blagojevich think he is? Trying to extort from his own team (allegedly)!

Does this mean Zell, too, is in federal trouble somehow?

If so, how will this affect the Cubs sale?

And, most importantly, what about the Jake Peavy trade?

Note: Blagojevich is the second consecutive Illinois governor to have been arrested. If Blago is not convicted, his hair certainly will be.

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