Iggles and Fightins send Philly parking lot into state of nirvana

Depending on your reference preference, Citizens Bank Park is either two tight spirals or a few concise relay throws from Lincoln Financial Field in a south Philly parking lot.

OK, so it's probably more like a two-minute walk, but it was still enough of a proximity to create the perfect Philadelphia sports storm this at around 4:30 on Sunday afternoon. That's when thousands of Eagles ticketholders poured out of the Linc after a 27-14 win over the Falcons and crossed paths with the thousands of Phillies ticketholders who were arriving here for Game 4 of the World Series.

Actually, it looked like there were more than a few fans lucky enough to be attending both events. In a lap around the stadium complex, I saw a few people peeling off their Eagles sweatshirts to reveal Phillies jerseys underneath and many Eagles tailgaters were planning on sticking around to extend the party through the baseball game. The parking situation was more or less a disaster, with people coming and people going, but everyone seemed too happy to care. They should be too happy to care.

Oh, and I'm happy to report that I was also on the receiving end of my first true Philly heckling experience. Since I've also already eaten a pepperoni cheesesteak at Tony Luke's, all that's left is for me to run the Rocky steps and dress up like Ben Franklin to complete my list of things to do while in Philadelphia.

Here's a rough transcript of the interaction between me and one of the phanatics :

Drunk Philly fan (spying my media credential): "Hey you! Who you work for?"

'Duk: "Hey you! Yahoo! Sports."

Drunk Philly fan: "Oh dude, I'm (deleted) sorry to hear that."

'Duk: "Oh yeah, why's that?"

Drunk Philly fan: (pre-emptively high-fiving his friend): "Because it means you suck too much to work for Google!" (laughs, then yells at someone else)

'Duk: "Oh, snap!"

Hey, I had to hand it to the man for coming up with that so quickly despite a BAC level no doubt in the high .20s. With two of his teams living the high life, he was feeling good and having fun.

(It was also better than the performance I saw from a female Rays fan as I walked to my car early Sunday morning after Game 3. Since my car was the only one remaining in the particular lot, she had decided to use it as a shield to the world as she clumsily tried to — look, there's no delicate way to put this — squat and relieve herself. Only problem was that she chose the side I approached from and, upon seeing me, she fell over and peed all over her jeans. Two of her Rays fans then swooped into help her, preventing me from taking pictures for the blog saving me from a messy situation I wanted no part of.)

Anyway, as Game 4 approaches, enjoy a few more pictures from the Philly parking lot scene. I can only hope that it remains as jubilant because I just realized that my rental car is a prime target for vandalism should the Phillies lose tonight or Monday.

Yup, you guessed it. Of all the possible states it could have come from, my car has Florida plates.

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