Huzzah! Umpires actually confer to make sure correct call was made in Giants game

Continuing in our tradition of highlighting the rare instances when umpires admit they're wrong and end up getting a call right, here's Brandon Crawford getting the RBI he deserved during Monday's first inning of San Francisco's 7-1 win over San Diego.


Brandon Crawford [...] appeared to end the inning with a flyout to a sliding Mark Kotsay in left field, but after [Giants manager Bruce] Bochy came out to argue the call, the umpires convened to discuss it, eventually overturning the initial ruling and giving Crawford an RBI single.

"It's a tough call," Bochy said. "You're running and trying to make the call. We knew he had short-hopped it, and it's all about getting it right, which they did. They did a great job of getting together and getting it right, which is all you can ask."

The instances where fellow umpires fail to correct a crewmate's incorrect call for fear of showing him up has long been a pet peeve of mine. Kudos to this group for putting a correct call ahead of anyone's ego (and, yes, it was definitely a tough call to make — the type that should definitely be reviewable on instant replay, no matter how much Bud Selig wrongly insists that no one's interested in adopting the technology).

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