Husky interrupts NCAA Tournament game, takes a full lap around outfield (Video)

Move over squirrels, cats, seagulls, and yes, even skunks, we have a brand new champion of winged and four-legged baseball disturbers.


Seriously. You really need to take a look at the video above to see what I mean. It comes to us from Saturday night's (into Sunday morning’s) NCAA Tournament game between Cal-State Fullerton and Arizona State that was played in Fullerton. With the home team batting in the bottom of the second inning, a sudden, confusing stoppage of play is quickly figured out as the camera pans towards second base. That's where our new friend was taking the first leg of his journey around Goodwin Field.

His next move is to head directly for the right field corner, which is where Arizona State's bullpen was located, possibly because he spotted his way out. He paid little attention to anyone else on his way out there, but unfortunately finds the gate to be closed and locked. He then reverses field all the way across the outfield, again paying little attention to humans, before making a successful exit through a left field gate.

His tongue was wagging, too, so it's a good thing he got out of there when he did.

Nobody really knows where the husky came from, or how it gained access to the field. He obviously has no connection to the Washington Huskies, because they didn't even make the postseason this year. We just know it provided a good full minute of entertainment that broke up the intensity of a very well pitched and well played tournament game.

Fullerton ended up taking home the win, by the way, 1-0.

Big BLS H/N: Deadspin

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