Huntsville Stars to hold gun raffle at ‘Second Amendment Night’ on July 3

Ballpark promotions in 2013 can range anywhere from giving away bobbleheads to rewarding one lucky fan an all expenses paid funeral, but the Huntsville Stars —Double-A affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers — have decided to go with what they’re calling the educational route on Wednesday, July 3 when they hold "Second Amendment Night" at Joe Davis Stadium.

What does that entail exactly?

Well, according to the poster above, NRA members who show their membership at the gate will be given free admission. Also, the Stars will be selling raffle tickets in which winners can redeem their ticket for one of three possible firearms at Larry's Pistol and Pawn.

I understand the clarification. Not sure I like the tone. But I guess the bottom line is that technically, it's not a gun giveaway. It's just a step in the process of giving away firearms.

Here's more from the team courtesy of

Stars general manager Buck Rogers said today there will be no guns given away at the game, only the raffle tickets redeemable at Larry's Pistol and Pawn. Guns are prohibited at all Huntsville Stars games.

Man, is that ever good to know.

Rogers said several organizations routinely raffle off guns.

"And since everybody's buying guns hand over fist and Larry's Pistol and Pawn wants to get involved in some sponsorships and they had a line out there a mile long (to buy guns)," Rogers said. "We're having a Second Amendment night to talk about things anyway. It's an educational night. No guns coming to the game. Nobody is giving away guns"

Rogers said the timing of the promotion -- the day before Independence Day -- is the ideal time to hold a Second Amendment celebration.

Rogers also noted the team will be handing out copies of the Declaration of Independence to fans as they enter. I guess that qualifies at the educational part. also reports that the office of United States Representative Mo Brooks (R-Alabama) has already confirmed he'll be attending the game to meet with constituents and take part in a ceremony to present Iraq veteran Staff Sergeant James West a flag flown over the U.S. Capitol in his honor. Staff Sergeant West will then throw out the first pitch.

Security will be beefed up as the team anticipates a crowd of around 8,000. We're sure not all of those fans will agree with the message being sent by the ballclub, so the extra security is a wise call.

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