Hunter Pence shaves for Conan O’Brien, talks World Series and Katy Perry (Video)

David Brown
Big League Stew

Going on national television every night and playing the outfield for the San Francisco Giants while wearing a beard that only the mother of a lynx trapper from northern Quebec could appreciate, well, that's one thing. But making a guest appearance on "Conan"? Now, that's cause for a clean shave.

A fresh-faced Hunter Pence acquitted himself well on the late-night gabfest Tuesday, telling stories about how Katy Perry music influenced his baseball season (as seen in this clip), and how he tried but couldn't bring an autographed bat (one of the less-valuable unbroken ones, intended for Conan O'Brien) on his flight to Los Angeles. Well, no kidding Mr. Team Charter. He did manage to bring an empty champagne bottle, for which Conan was appropriately nonplussed.

Regardless, a good time seemed to be had by all, and it was only possible because Pence dialed down his "Shining" look from the postseason.

Pence deserves his time under the bright lights. It's part of the offseason drill for any World Series champion. The 700 Level has its take, too. Hopefully, Hunter and Conan exchange beard stories in the deleted scenes, which might be on the Blu-Ray.

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