‘Hungry’ Orioles ready to follow Ravens to championship

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

January was tough on Baltimore. Earl Weaver died. Prop Joe died.

February, so far, is looking a lot better, thanks to that Super Bowl trophy.

The Baltimore Ravens triumph, of course, comes after a surprising and exciting playoff run by their baseball-playing friends in Charm City, the Orioles. The two teams seemed connected in spirit on Sunday — with the O's showing some love on Twitter and the "O" chant taking over the Super Dome.

Technically, the success of a football team has nothing to do with the success of a baseball team in the same city. Though, had the San Francisco 49ers not wasted a first-and-goal opportunity at the end of the game, we'd definitely be drawing connections today between the Niners and the reigning MLB champs. (The Giants, btw, are sized up today in Yahoo! Sports' Springboard series)

Still, when you're an Orioles fan — or even a player — it's hard to not get pumped about the prospects of 2013 when you see the Ravens hoisting the Lombardi Trophy. Just ask O's center fielder Adam Jones, who has been on the victory trail with the Ray Lewis & Co.:

Likewise, many O's fans are now hoping theirs is a team of destiny in the coming year. Let's not, at least today, talk to them about their tough division and the now-loaded Toronto Blue Jays:

An interesting footnote here: On Sunday, CBS' Eye On Baseball posted about two-title towns and calculated that of the cities to win both a Super Bowl and a World Series in the same year, the most dominant was, you guessed it, Baltimore, circa 1970.

Now the Orioles fans have another reason to be hopeful.

Pitchers and catchers report any moment.
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