Human teddy bear witnesses thrilling Nationals victory in Game 4 (Photo)

David Brown
Big League Stew

At first I was, like, "Why did this dude bring a teddy bear to a baseball game?" I know the Washington Nationals are known for their Presidents Races, where Teddy Roosevelt has started to clean up of late, but c'mon. What kind of prop is that for a grown man?"

After a second look, I realized: That's a human teddy bear!

ZOMG, it's the cutest Nationals fan EVAR! In just one more half-inning, this li'l teddy bear will witness the most exciting moment in team history when Jayson Werth connects for a game-winning, season-sustaining home run. In fact, it will be one of the top moments in the history of Washington sports. Just the cutest baby bear ever. Hello, little teddy bear! Now I want to see a baby dressed as a little cardinal. Or as a baby Mike Shannon.

Big BLS H/N: @MattSebek of Joe Sports Fan

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