Houston Astros target of painfully accurate Olympic rings joke

As you've undoubtedly heard or seen by now, the opening ceremonies at the Sochi Winter Olympics didn't get off to the best start on Friday night. During a very flaky presentation of the famed Olympic rings — which is always a highly anticipated portion of the program — a technical glitch prevented one of the rings from expanding from its original snowflake form, leaving us 20 percent short of a complete logo.

The error left organizers embarrassed and Russian TV searching for alternate footage from an earlier rehearsal. Fortunately for them, things went smoothly in all of the trial runs. Unfortunately for them, the unedited footage ran in other places, including the United States, and immediately became the talk of social media.

When that happens, the jokes, memes and gifs are sure to follow. That's bad news for the folks in Sochi, and it turns out it was also bad news for the Houston Astros.

Well, it was inevitable a baseball team would end up the butt of an Olympics rings joke at some point, but the predictability doesn't make it any less hilarious.

By the same token, it doesn't make it less painful for Astros fans, because it provides an accurate outlook at the American League West heading into the 2014 season.

When looking at how the division stacks up, one of these things is not at all like the others. The Oakland A's, Texas Rangers, Seattle Mariners and Los Angeles Angels are all expected to contend, or at least remain relevant. The unfortunate outcast of that group, at least until their rebuilding process hits a higher gear, is Houston.

They're clearly on the outside looking in for the foreseeable future, but if they're looking for a little motivation to speed the process up, this wouldn't be bad bulletin board material. Then again, they'd probably rather pretend this didn't exist. And they certainly don't want to keep it alive long enough to become a shirt.

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