Houston Astros accidentally reveal new caps and uniforms for 2013 on website

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

Beware the dangers of using Photoshop to shadow something you're trying to keep a secret.

The Houston Astros learned that the hard way over the weekend after announcing plans to unveil their new logo and uniforms at a launch event next month. The graphic for the Nov. 2 event on the team's website included an image of a shadowed ballpayer (above, left) and it didn't take long for Chris Creamer of Sport Logos Net to fiddle with the picture's settings (right). What he found after adjusting the exposure and brightness settings wasn't a clear view of Houston's future threads, but it provided more than enough manna to feed our inner Fashion Umps.

The Astros are moving forward as they enter the AL in 2013, but they're also looking back.  As you can see from Creamer's adjustment — which confirms news he learned from a source back in August —  the player's cap looks a lot like the old H and star that the team wore from its move to the Astrodome in 1965 through the J.R. Richard/Nolan Ryan/Mike Scott eras and up until the dawn of the Jeff Bagwell/Craig Biggio age.

The jersey is a little harder to make out since the adjustments can't get past the black splotch across the chest. But you can see it contains piping and Astros across the chest with a number underneath. It makes one think of the new Rays uniforms, which this Fashion Ump happens to like a lot. It also marks a move forward from the Old West "brick and black" uniform era, which this Fashion Ump did not particularly like.

Speaking of the "brick and black," Creamer has put together a nice RIP for that soon-to-be bygone era. Go check it out and give him some traffic, because the man is truly doing the lord's work.

The 2012 postseason is here!
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