Hot Stove Heads: Peavy decides Yanks, Halos ain't bad, either

Until the hot stove runs out of gas, the Stew will be checking in every day with the latest news from baseball's offseason ...

Oh, to be Jake Peavy during these general manager meetings. He's clearly the star of the show and has now extended the list of teams he's willing to be traded to seven with the inclusion of the Yankees and Angels in the AL. Yes, that's now seven GMs who keep thinking they feel their cell phone ring with a call from Padres GM Kevin Towers, only to discover it's that weird phantom buzz phenomenon we all get. []

Question of the Day: Can the Braves get away with dealing Yunel Escobar and two prospects for Peavy instead of the four prospects the Padres are said to be asking for? Maybe if the deal includes picking up Khalil Greene's contract and the $6.5 million he'll make in 2009? [Talking Chop]

Scott Boras told our own Tim Brown it's currently "doubtful" that Greg Maddux will play in 2009, paving the way for his retirement and eventual Hall of Fame induction. If the master hangs it up, I'd love to see Boras' phone light up with a feeding frenzy of teams offering coaching staff spots to Maddux. [Yahoo! Sports]

A "well-placed source" says the Mets could be interested in acquiring Javier Vazquez from the White Sox. No idea if this rumor is of the variety that links every player of Hispanic heritage to Mets GM Omar Minaya, but no doubt the Pale Hose would take a bulk package of David sunflower seeds in return if it meant getting rid of the $23 million owed Vazquez the next two years. [Chicago Tribune]

When asked about the Mets going after Francisco Rodriguez to help solve their bullpen woes, Minaya said this: "We have to look at everybody." I know he's playing it close to the vest, but, really, Omar? What about Ambiorix Burgos? [NYT Bats Blog]

In a different year, in a different offseason, the Brewers might be able to trade Prince Fielder for a valuable and established pitching arm. But with no lefties remaining in the lineup and with CC Sabathia and Ben Sheets already bolting Beer Town, Ken Rosenthal thinks a bad-for-PR Fielder trade is highly unlikely. [Fox Sports]

These poor Astros fans are continuing to talk themselves into paying $14 million a season for ol' injury-riddled Ben Sheets. [Crawford Boxes]

Theo Epstein just signed a new contract, which begs the question: At what point does he become part of baseball's "old guard"? [Extra Bases]

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