On his horse: Ben Revere is the best outfielder in baseball

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It's fortuitous that "Ben Revere" rhymes with "one of the best catches of the year" because we're going to be hearing it frequently as long as he's in the majors. Revere recently made the best non-catch of the season, climbing a fence at Target Field only to be foiled by gravity. But on Monday night in Minneapolis, he got his man:

It's not as sexy as climbing a fence, and his back isn't to the infield, and there aren't Transformers trying to kill him as he dodges an apocalyptic earthquake, but that's about as athletic as a baseball player can get. Full speed, full extension. And check out his eyes:

He followed the ball all of the way into his glove. Incredible at the speed he was moving. It's even cooler when animated. Even cooler? Re-writing Beastie Boys lyrics to "Paul Revere" in Ben Revere's honor:

Now here's a little story I've got to tell,
About a Twins outfielder you know so well
He started way back in the minor leagues
But now he's in right, at Target Field

Gardy rides a little horsy named Ben Revere
He dives for the balls, he has no fear

OK, that's enough. In the name of the Beastie Boys, we declare Ben Revere the Outfielder of the Year. The polls are closed, and the poles are closed too, just in case.

Among outfielders, Revere leads the league in UZR/150 for those who have logged at least 450 innings (OK, so I rigged the search to exclude Craig Gentry of Texas). Given the partial season sample size, it's not terribly reliable. And Revere certainly doesn't have the arm of, say, Ichiro Suzuki. But just watch him play. If you just need someone to go out and catch the ball, nobody does it better than 24-year-old Ben. He's also hitting .319, which is nice.

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