Hooters ball girl picks up fair ball and gives it to a fan (Video)

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

Oh, spring training. When baseball teams try out young players, we let games end in ties and, apparently, Hooters girls are perfectly acceptable stand-ins for ball boys and ball girls. Well, until they make embarrassing baseball gaffes like this:

Good news for the ball girl: This'll get her a close up on "Inside Edition."

As the video mentions, this is the second time this spring such a boo-boo happened at Bright House Field, where the Philadelphia Phillies play their spring games. In fact, it's the second time in a week. Something similar happened Wednesday, although the ball wasn't tossed into the stands. Getting Blanked has a .gif of the play.

Baseball's an interesting game. Players get beaned and brawls start when a team winning by six runs lays down a bunt, because that violates an "unwritten rule" of the game. But Hooters girls pick up live balls — contrary to an actual written rule — and we all laugh about it because they're pretty.

Oh well, it's just spring training. Let's go eat some hot wings.

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