Hog dog jersey! Jose Valverde a real wiener in Toledo Mud Hens uniform

David Brown
Big League Stew

Many have said that Jose Valverde was a hot dog, with his colorful chin beard, edgy mound demeanor and exuberant postgame antics. Now that Valverde's in the minor leagues and trying to work his way back to the Detroit Tigers, he literally had to wear the hot dog accusations.

The Toledo Mud Hens, not afraid to wear loud uniforms in order to attract attention, wore hot dog-themed jerseys Saturday and, thankfully for all of us, Valverde got to pitch. Even more thankfully, Sports Illustrated tweeted out a photo of him pitching.

What a look; Perfect for a guy who likes extra mustard on his pitches. This style might actually be the best in recapturing the awesome Houston Astros' starburst/rainbow vomit uniforms of the 1970s and early '80s. Make mine a double dog, Mr. Vendor! No ketchup on the hot dog, please, because this isn't Russia.

Will Valverde make it back to the majors with mustard smeared on himself?

He's listed at age 35, so he's not too old. His peripheral numbers — strikeouts and walks and overall hits allowed — weren't too bad in his trial with Detroit, where he posted a 5.59 ERA. The six home runs allowed in 19 1/3 innings were the killer. So far, he's doing well for Toledo, having allowed two hits with three strikeouts in three outings.

Here's hoping we see the Ol' Hot Dog Big Potato back in a big-league bullpen soon.

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