Here’s a hilarious Kiss Cam break-up at a Triple-A game — but are you buying it?

Mike Oz

This video of a Kiss Cam session gone awry has all the ingredients of a viral sensation: It's funny, it has a splash scene, there's a hero and a villain and even some social commentary. Are you too obsessed with our phones to even smooch it up with our sweetie?

Just as you'd expect the video — shot by the Triple-A Fresno Grizzlies, at a recent game with the Colorado Springs Sky Sox — is getting passed around the Internet. When I first watched it, it had about 2,000 views. Now, 12 hours later, it has more than 200,000.

The video is good, but is it too good? Is it scripted? The team has said the video is not "shenanigans" — but the whole thing seems too perfect, down to the team mascot being there to comfort our scorned damsel. A break-up in three acts? It's right out of the theater. Or a Triple-A baseball game, where fans are used to getting a "show."

But let's see what you, the viewer, thinks: Are you buying it? Or do you think it's just entertainment meant to amuse fans and us Interneters?

Either way, it's an enjoyable show, so bravo, Fresno Grizzlies.

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