HGTV takes you into the multimillion-dollar domain of John Smoltz

Jay Busbee
Big League Stew

Who knew being a Cooperstown-lock pitcher could be so profitable?

HGTV's drool-with-envy show "Million Dollar Rooms" is taking you inside (and outside) the Milton, Ga. home of former Atlanta Braves pitcher John Smoltz. And as you can see from the video above, sweet heaven, this is the greatest guy's playground ever created.

Look, forget the 18,625-square-foot main house and its 10 bedrooms. Spread out over 22 acres, Smoltz's spread includes tennis and basketball courts, a nine-hole golf course, a baseball field (where, as befits a pitcher, the wind blows in), and a jogging trail. The backyard alone cost $2 million to build, and requires a full-time landscaper and seven hours to mow it all.

Braves fans won't want to miss the segment of the video documenting Smoltz's gargantuan trophy wing, showing everything from his Cy Young award in 1996 to a miniaturized version of the 1995 World Series champions' trophy. It'll make you long for the days of Glavine and Maddux.

Of course, it was right about this time last year that we were reporting that Smoltz's house was on the market for a tidy $7.2 million. And according to, it's still available for the same price. Might be time to knock a few bucks off the ask, John.

So, yeah ... chances are none of us are getting that house unless we all pool our funds. Dibs on the driving range.

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