Those cleaning noises? Baseball’s almost back

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

Ah yes, opening week. The only time of year when the sight of someone cleaning concrete with an industrial power washer high above Pittsburgh can seem romantic.

I'm pretty sure I write this post every year, but I can never get enough of the season's eve media opportunities that show ballpark staff performing routine tasks in preparation for opening day. Plastic cups being stocked at the beer stand? Yes, please. Logo being spray-painted on the grass? Sure. Ushers polishing seats with a dirty rag? Be still, my heart!

At any rate, we're now one day away from opening night in Miami, two days away from the first "opening day" and three from the rest of the teams getting in on the act. While I could sit here and complain about that fractured start — and there's plenty of reason to if you want to be negative at this time of year — I'm going to sit back and enjoy the concert of America's ballparks being whipped back into shape.

Make sure you're ready for opening day ...
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