Harry Caray and Bill Murray chatting at Wrigley Field’s first night game makes us wish it were 1988

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

The first night game at Wrigley Field happened 25 years ago on Thursday — Aug. 8, 1988. On that historic night, besides the lights, fans were treated to a wonderful intro segment starring Harry Caray and Bill Murray, two legends at what they do, two guys we still love 25 years later.

MLB decided to dig out the video of them chatting it up in honor of the 25-year anniversary and we couldn't be happier they did.

Among the wonderful things in the video:

• Caray starting things off by handing Murray a beer.
• Question No. 2 being, "How's your mother?"
• Caray asking Murray if he'd ever be a baseball broadcaster. Holy cow, yes please.
• Murray responding: "I think when I completely lose my mind, Harry, I’m going step right up into your spot in the booth.”
• Caray calling Murray "a priceless guy." I think I'm going to start calling people that.

But trust me, watch the video. You'll wish it were 25 years ago.

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