Harrison Ford actually smiles and gives shout out to R.A. Dickey during interview

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Toronto Blue Jays knuckleballer R.A. Dickey loves Star Wars. He dresses up as Darth Vader and he uses the "Imperial March" as entrance music. He also won the Branch Rickey Award in 2012 for contributing unselfishly to the community and being a strong role model.

Harrison Ford starred in the "Star Wars" trilogy as Han Solo and he also played Dodgers president Branch Rickey in "42," a movie about Jackie Robinson's first season in Major League Baseball.

Ford has been doing publicity work for the movie, which recently became available for home viewing, and during an interview at Dodger Stadium, a reporter from Sportsnet Canada asked Ford what he thought of Dickey being such a "Star Wars" fan — to the point that he got a "Star Wars"—themed adult onesie for Christmas.

"Thanks for your support. I just wish I was getting a little bit of the merchandising [dollars] on those onesies."

I thought there was supposed to be more to Han Solo than money.

The most remarkable thing about the interview was that Ford actually smiled. Does he ever do that? Maybe it's Han Solo who never smiles.

UPDATE: Dickey reacts to Han Solo realizing he exists:

"That is cool! A need a clip of that. That is a great surprise," said Dickey, who reaffirmed his status as a "Star Wars nerd."

He says he's never met any of the makers of "Star Wars," but you'd think lunch with Ford and Co. could be set up.

[Editor's note: An earlier version of the post incorrectly said that Dickey pitched for the Mets. Only a nerf herder would think that.]

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