‘Harlem Shake’ makes it to the bigs; Diamondbacks join viral dance craze

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

Contrary to what I've seen at least 10 people lament on Twitter today alone, the "Harlem Shake" dance craze isn't going anywhere just yet. As it pertains to baseball, we already showed you a bunch of college and high school teams that created a "Harlem Shake" videos. We also challenged an MLB team to join, and one has: The Arizona Diamondbacks. Behold!

If you're not up on this "Harlem Shake" thing, it's been pegged as the next "Gangnam Style," so load up on rations, this could another long, suffering fad. The videos feature 15 seconds of one person dancing, followed by 15 seconds of a whole group of people going absolutely nuts, the weirder the better. It's all set to "Harlem Shake" by dance music producer Bauuer (this has nothing to do, however, with the musical moonlightings of Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer).

In the Diamondbacks video, one YouTube commenter asks if that's really manager Kirk Gibson running past at the end, fist-pumping like it's 1988. Can't imagine it is, but that's a great allusion to include in the video. Kudos, D-backs.

Now we wait to see which MLB team decides to "Harlem Shake" next. I'm both excited and scared.

UPDATE: The Diamondbacks say it IS Gibson fist-pumping. FTW!

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