Happy holidays from your crew at Big League Stew

Like the rest of the blogosphere, I'm heading out for a few days of Christmas cheer and won't be back on a regular schedule until Dec. 29, when we unveil a few "Best of BLS" posts.*

Until then, enjoy this picture of our favorite Morning Juicer with ol' Kris Kringle.

Have a safe and joyous holiday!

*Of course, that doesn't mean we won't have a post here or there should news or circumstances call for one. It just means I'll most likely be too busy eating my grandmother's fried shrimp and pierogis on Christmas Eve or my mother's turkey on Christmas Day or drinking beer at the Flyers-Blackhawks game on Dec. 26 or rocking out with My Morning Jacket on Dec. 27 to actually format and write any legible posts about baseball.

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