Hanley Ramirez strikes again — puts snake in Juan Uribe's shoe

Poor Juan Uribe may have to find someplace else to change at the ballpark rather than his own locker. He continues to be the primary target of his practical-joking teammates with the Los Angeles Dodgers — primarily Hanley Ramirez — and on Saturday he fell victim once again after Ramirez placed what we hope was a rubber snake in his shoe. You'd like to assume it was a rubber snake, but given how far Ramirez has gone to get a reaction from Uribe in the past, it wouldn't be completely surprising if he resorted to bringing in a real snake. Confirmation either way has not been given.

Here's another classic example of what Uribe has gone through this season at the evil hands of Hanley Ramirez.

Uribe has to keep his eyes open at all times, and even when they're open, Ramirez still gets him.

It probably doesn't help that Ramirez is a little banged up right now and out of the Dodgers lineup after receiving a cortisone shot in his right shoulder. He's probably a little bit bored, which could lead to more pranks in the coming days. Uribe better be aware.

Of course, Uribe has been out of the lineup himself, missing the Dodgers last 18 games after straining his right hamstring. Come to think of it, his hamstring got a pretty decent test on Saturday as he jumped in response to his discovery. He's fine, of course, but maybe only prank the healthy guys from now on! 

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