Hank the Dog gives us his perspective of spring training — literally

After literally wandering into Milwaukee Brewers camp as a stray in mid-February, Hank the Dog — named after former MLB home run Hank Aaron — has been the talk of the baseball world. Almost immediately after his arrival, the Brewers took Hank into their family as an unofficial spring training mascot, and even found him a new permanent home in Milwaukee. They're just not saying who with.

While with the Brewers, Hank has run the Sausage Race, hung out in the dugout, and even assisted in moving merchandise — including his own shirt. He's everyone's friend, and the Brewers even consider him a teammate now after Melvin named Hank to the team on Friday as a "walk-on" rover.

Hank's final day in Brewers camp was Saturday. On Sunday, he's scheduled to head up to his new home in Milwaukee a little earlier than the rest of his teammates. But before he left, he wanted to share his perspective — literally — of spring training with everybody.

Say hello to Hank Cam.

From the best we can tell, a day in the spring training life of Hank looks like this.

• Arrives on the practice fields not long after sunrise.
• Sniffs everyone's cleats — just because.
• Makes sure everyone is stretched out.
• Meet fans and poses for pictures.
• Searches the clubhouse for people to pet him.
• At the end of the day, refuses treatment in the training room.

Apparently he doesn't even take time for a nap. What a trooper.

Hank now joins players such as American League Rookie of the Year Wil Myers and fellow Brewer Jonathan Lucroy as those who have been chosen to wear the GoPro cam this spring. That’s elite company… for Myers and Lucroy. Because let's be honest, Hank has been the breakout star of spring training. His popularity is soaring, and it's only going to continue growing once he shows up at Miller Park.

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