Hank Conger stumbles his way into unintentionally hilarious bunt single (Video)

You'll often hear coaches encourage their players to "take what the defense gives them." That advice was heard loud and clear by Los Angeles Angels catcher Hank Conger, and he put it to terrific use in their 5-4 loss to the Orioles on Saturday afternoon.

With Baltimore's defense shifting hard to the right side in anticipation of the left-handed Conger pulling the ball, he did something that more players faced with those circumstances should feel comfortable doing — he laid down a bunt. And let me be clear here: I'm saying more players should be willing to bunt at the right time, not everybody should be bunting all of the time. I realize bunting as a whole is evil business.

Anyway, Conger laid the bunt down beautifully and had himself the easiest basehit he'll have all season. Well, right up until the point where he went backside over tea kettle on his way down the first base line. Then it got a little bit more interesting, but since the Orioles defense had already conceded the play, he was able to recover and still get to the bag with a relatively easy, yet completely embarrassing basehit.

Conger's face says it all. It doesn't matter HOW you get there. Just make sure you get there.

He got there.

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