Hank the Brewers’ dog and unofficial spring mascot finds a new permanent home

While top free agents like Ervin Santana and Stephen Drew have struggled to find new homes during the offseason, Hank the Dog has had no such trouble. After walking into Milwaukee Brewers camp as a stray two weeks ago and winning the hearts of the organization and its loyal fanbase, Hank has already found a permanent home according to Brewers vice president for communications Tyler Barnes.

The Brewers are not saying with whom Hank will now be residing, but enthusiastically noted "his days as a stray are over."

It's great news, though it will certainly be interesting to hear who ended up with the honor of making Hank their new pet. Hank was in high demand all throughout Brewers camp and made friends every way he turned. He even joined the famous Racing Sausages for their tuneup race last week and was seen helping in the team store. The Brewers marketing department obviously appreciated the attention he brought to their merchandise, as they created a shirt for him earlier in the week.

Everybody wanted a piece of Hank.

Still do, in fact.

But he can only have one home. Congratulations to the lucky person or family who will get to enjoy his company on a daily basis.

On a related note, the Brewers will host Pet Adoption Day at Maryvale on Saturday with proceeds benefiting the Arizona Humane Society. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, animals will be available for adoption and for those who simply want to make a donation, Hank will be available for photos with them immediately after the sausage race. Who knows, you may even get one of Hank's now famous pawtographs.

He's not just an unofficial mascot anymore, folks. He's a rock star.

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