Hall of Fame holds form: Rice and Rickey earn induction

One day there's going to be a Hall of Fame announcement that no one saw coming, that no one had projected, that no one had expected. Really, it's going to be great fun.

Sadly, this is not that year. As we suspected, Rickey Henderson is in and Jim Rice's long purgatory sentence is finally over. Corky Simpson can breathe easy knowing that he wasn't the only voter dumb enough to not check Rickey's name (Henderson received 94.8 percent, meaning 27 others are also completely moronic) while Rice just crossed the threshold with a 76.4 success rate (75 percent is the bare minimum for election).

Meanwhile, Andre Dawson (67 percent) and Bert Blyleven (62.7) are still on the outside of Cooperstown's walls looking in. I think it would have been nice for the voters to pull a surprise and get at least one of them in, but those guys apparently still have a longer penance to serve before their eventual induction.

Thoughts on this class? Were the right decisions made?

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