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It's a tale as old as time: Player is elected to the Hall of Fame, profiteers try to make a buck with their player-related relics, CNBC's resident Twitter maniac Darren Rovell dedicates one of his 300 daily tweets to the newfound demand (or lack thereof).

Curious to see what a few dollars from my Paypal account might get me to commemorate Monday's election of Cincinnati Reds shortstop Barry Larkin to the Hall of Fame, I turned to eBay. Here are some of the items that turned up. 1995 SI for Kids #402 Barry Larkin — $2.95 I had long since graduated to Sports Illustrated Sr. by the time this card appeared in the magazine, but I'm offering even odds that cards featuring Rebecca Lobo and Randy Stoklos were found on either side of this beauty. Bid on this item before Buzz Beamer beats you to it.

Set of four Donruss 1990 Diamond Kings — $2.89 The opportunity to buy four — count 'em, four — major pieces of art for under three dollars doesn't come along very every often. (Scoff if you must, but one day Dick Perez and Frank Steele will be recognized as two of the best artists of their time.)

1991 Score card with Chris Sabo — $1 There's a strong argument to be made that everything that happened in 1990 can be tied to either Barry Larkin, Chris Sabo's goggles, Sean Connery. Or all three, in the case of this 1991 baseball card.

1992 7-11 Slurpee coin — $1.99 Yes!  7-11 Slurpee coins! They were the best reward at the bottom of a brain freeze and if you already weren't convinced of their status as baseball's most underrated collectible, perhaps their 100 percent appreciation rate will change your tune.

1996 Denny's hologram giveaway — $1 On the other side of the coin, someone's grandpa actually had to eat at Denny's to receive this one.

1982 Moeller high school photo — $15 No jokes here. This old newspaper photo of a high-school aged Barry Larkin at Cincinnati's Bishop Moeller is way cool. Can this version of Larkin even conceive that he'll one day start for his hometown team en route to a World Series title and the Hall of Fame?

Barry Larkin and Don Robinson autographed Giants program — $69 Come for the Hall of Fame shortstop, stay for the big righthander who'd be tickled to learn someone didn't ask for change when buying his signature.

Barry Larkin and Ken Griffey Jr. autographed Reds helmet — $89 Seriously, though: If I'm going to lay out some decent scratch for a co-signed collectible, I'm going to pay $20 more and add a player who will soon be joining Larkin in Cooperstown.

Barry Larkin Wilson baseball glove A2463 for a left hander — $9.99 As a southpaw who's always been annoyed that they sell left-handed versions of gloves endorsed by right-handers, I'm a little dubious about this item. Plus, who puts their childhood glove on eBay? You'll never see my Robin Yount model up for bid.

1987 Louisville Slugger R205 game-used cracked rookie bat — $525 Oh, eBay auction. You had me at "it exhibits Barry's custom tape job on the handle ... with tons of pine tar, ball transfer marks, baseball stitch impressions and bat rack marks." Now, where's my wallet?

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